Infographic of the Day: Nicholas Felton’s 2009 Annual Report

Nicholas Felton


If you love infographics, you probably have Nicholas Felton to thank, at least a little bit. Six years ago, he started compiling an “Annual Report” of his life, compiling all of the little day-to-day details of an entire year into a volume of infographics. That little project has caught on, inspiring graphic designs to create countless similar projects, and helping touch off the current rage for infographics.

Good news: Felton has just released his 2009 report. This time, he took a slightly different tack:

Each day in 2009, I asked every person with whom I had a meaningful
encounter to submit a record of this meeting through an online survey.
These reports form the heart of the 2009 Annual Report. From parents to
old friends, to people I met for the first time, to my dentist … any
time I felt that someone had discerned enough of my personality and
activities, they were given a card with a URL and unique number to
record their experience.

I kept track only of who I gave survey invitations to, the number of
the card and where it was given. The surveys answers were submitted via
text forms, allowing the respondee to write whatever they desired, and
leaving the task of making comparisons between the data up to me. I
have used only this information to create the report, however accurate
it may be. I have strived to sort and collate the data in a clinical
and repeatable manner that could be reproduced by someone looking for
the same stories I have selected.

You can see the whole thing online, but here’s a taste:

Nicholas Felton

The moods particular caught my eye–the data really did reveal evidence of the winter doldrums, while happiness peaked during the lazy days of August:

Nicholas Felton

You can pre-order the entire annual report, which costs $20.

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