Michael Arad Offers Sneak Peek at 9/11 Memorial Fountains

9/11 Memorial

After working on his contribution to the 9/11 memorial project for more than seven years, architect Michael Arad tested a mockup of the fountain concept named “Reflecting Absence” which will eventually become the centerpiece of a new park at the World Trade Center site. The two fountains, situated in the footprints of the World Trade towers are scheduled to open in time for the 10th anniversary of the attacks, next year.

Michael Arad Fountain

In an industrial lot situated in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard, two monolithic walls were constructed to represent a corner of one of the fountains. Arad then tested how the tiny ribbons of water would fall into the pools 30 feet below, a concept that made Arad the winner of a competition with landscape architect Peter Walker. In an AP video, Arad said he wanted the continuous flow of water to demonstrate the sense of loss. The pool that never fills up is literally an empty void. “Time moves forward, but this absence in so many people’s lives is persistent,” he says. “It doesn’t go away.”