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A Very Low-Tech Zoomable Map

Who needs smartphone apps when you've got a lot of ingenuity and some paper?

A Very Low-Tech Zoomable Map


London is dizzyingly complex, so maps are a must even for locals. Usually, they're clunky mini books. But the Map Squared solves that problem ingeniously.

Each sector of the map can be unfolded, for a zoomed-in detail:

Zoomable Map

The folding technique is apparently patented and available for licensing—the applications would obviously be vast. Wonder if you'll see this everywhere one day?

Probably the cleverest map we've seen since this one. All of which just serves as a reminder: Amazing interaction design needed be complex. I doesn't even need to be high-tech. And in retrospect, it's probably stunningly obvious—Which is the mark of any great design.

[Coudal via Oh Gizmo!]