Scale: Your Blackberry’s Never Helped You Close a Deal Quite Like This


Blackberry’s latest business app provides a virtual equation for determining the effectiveness of your sales tactics. For instance: Did you know it usually takes 4 SMS + 2 emails + 1 phone call to close the deal? These are just some of the (in this case made up) personal metrics you could tease out of Scale, a new connection calculator designed to chart the type and frequency of your commercial interactions.

Scale was released by New-Jersey-based start up Socialibrium and can supposedly create equations for exchanges for up to 2,000 contacts. How exactly it telegraphs that is a bit metaphorically confusing. A so-called “heat map” visualizes the percentage of calls or texts or emails you are making in traditional stoplight colors: red means few, yellow means some, green means many. Whatever, it still works.

Eventually, you can use all that data to spot patterns and figure out how you are being the most successful. For instance: 2 SMS = the power of 1 email. Or 2 emails = the power of 1 phone call. The $15 per month or $150 per year price tag looks a little hefty, but Scale is probably a heck of a lot more productive than culling old excel files or combing Outlook to figure why one client was particularly receptive.

[Via VentureBeat ]