As More Use “Twitter for Credit Cards” Service, Retailers Getting Blippy With It

Blippy’s $1.6 million grab for new venture capital that we covered last week appears to be paying off. The company announced three new deals with online retailers yesterday, making it clear that while buyers might want to crowdsource their spending habits to find great deals, retailers see any potential drip drops as less important than the inevitable boom that comes with being first in on the next social media hotness.

The sales pioneers are online deal makers like Woot, Groupon, and (Overstock already tried to get on this bandwagon back when Facebook mis-launched their own creepy opt-out chart spending service, Beacon, in 2008.) These companies will likely have to give up any hidden price fixes–the ability to charge customers different things for the same service based on shifting time or inventory demands. So what do they gain? How about consumer trust that they will probably be offering equal deals to everyone. That level playing field will become increasingly important for wallet-watchers already obsessed with tracking the Joneses of their peers on Bundle. It used to be that companies would tell you they’d beat any deal you could find. That actually means something now that you can analyze the entire market and their price point with a mouse click.

[Via TechCrunch]

Image: / CC BY-SA 2.0BP