Infographic of the Day: How Aid Is Getting to Haiti

What’s so hard about sending aid to Haiti? Short answer: everything.



There have been thousands of stories on the aid flowing into Haiti, in
the aftermath of the devastating earthquake there. But the BBC has done
those one better, with an interactive map showing all the routes that aid is taking.

Clicking on the link, you see different pictures illustrating each of the main routes for aid, from sea to air. What’s particularly interesting are the little blurbs attached to each–explaining, for example, that U.S. divers are busy trying to clear the harbor in Port-au-Prince, and that the U.S. aircraft carriers are serving as floating airports.

This one’s probably the best story out there for getting a grasp of the massive scale–and tricky problems–involved in the disaster relief efforts. Sobering stuff, and answer to anyone wondering how exactly the billions of dollars in aid are being utilized.

[Via BBC]

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