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I was invited to Helsinki this past November to speak on Lo Carbon Lifestyles and Meaningful Branding trends. The brilliant and fresh young innovators at the think tank (the one and only think tank in Finland) held a day named PELOTON in which they invited 20 Finnish journalists to partake in the information feed on Lo Carbon Trends within the traditional countryside setting of an historic Finnish mansion. Next, they handed me off to the brilliant, Audrey Hepburnesque creative driver of Helsinki’s young Sub TV station (what is her name?), who in turn invited 200 professional creatives to attend a presentation on meaningful branding. The venue was a historic trolley station in the heart of Helsinki.

Impressions of Helsinki and Finland
If you have heard anything about Finland it may have been about drinking and a strong and dark landscape. My experience was anything but bright, light and innovative in nature. Many of the ideators and innovators who brought me there were fresh thinkers and healthy livers - vegetarians as a matter of fact. So were many of the journalists… I fit right in. We enjoyed several vegetarian restaurants and meals and I was lucky enough to do a traditional smoke sauna with the crew at the country house. Some of us took a swim in the cold, dark, night river beneath the silhouette of tall, black, bare trees. It was glorious.

Peloton: The Lo Carbon presentation day for Helsinki think tank
The word Peloton translated means something like the draft of first riders in a bicycle race that helps the other riders move forward. The word Demos means something like Democracy or The People. The think tank is funded in various ways and the projects are geared to inspire and benefit Finnish society.

Finland is slowly getting wealthier and with this come opportunities to explore new ways. Demos is one such group bringing in new ideas. Their ideas for spurring Lo Carbon lifestyle change in Finland begins with Peloton and sharing content with 20 influencer journalists, a brilliant approach that starts with the media.

Secondly they had me speak on meaningful branding to over 200 creatives brought together for Sub TV. The group was smart, tuned in and very forward thinking. It was a celebration of new ideas and pragmatic possibilities! I am in love with Finland and Demos was so smart to engage television and creatives to finish off the approach.

Yet it did not end there. I was introduced to many other great thinkers and teams and out of this came conversations on a potential project with Finland’s manufacturing. Finland has a bright future and the smart ones are looking at evolving the paradigms of manufacturing into the sustainable humanist realms. It is my hope we help further this desire.

A special thank you once again to our editor Elizabeth Adams of!

Slide Share Lo Carbon Presentation. I will post the meaning presentation soon.

NOTE on the LoCarbon Lifestyle presentation, middle section on "The Situation We Are In" is not present. ALSO NOTE that much of this draws from Al Gore’s book, OUR CHOICE - a message worth amplifying.