Best of TreeHugger: A Business Model Built on Saving Endangered Species, Green Walls in Portland, and Apple’s Smart Grid Venture

It turns out 20,000 gallons of oil from the Exxon-Valdez spill are still buried in Alaskan beaches.

sea eagles economy photo

Here’s a look into how 40 endangered sea eagles bring in $3 million a year to a small Scottish island’s economy–it’s quite a business model.

LG Unveiled their new flexible e-ink newspaper–and no one seemed to care.

A new study found that Monsanto’s genetically modified corn caused organ damage in rodents.

A 230 foot green wall is coming to Portland’s downtown business district.

Apple is aiming to drastically cut home energy use with its smart grid project.

TreeHugger went to Antarctica, and took plenty of photos. We also managed to drop by both the Detroit auto show and CES 2010.

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