Coke’s Dept. of Fannovation


One week in and already Coke’s attempt to re-brand its digital identity is looking slightly schizophrenic. The company that proclaimed it was done acquiring frivolous domain names in favor of using existing social media to help unify its image has launched yet another separate domain name this week. Coke Zero’s Department of Fannovation is a customer contest site to improve on ways to cheer for NCAA basketball.

At least this one is built using Posterous, an en vogue landing-page that allows moderators to crowdsource images, video and text–and then dictate changes via email. It’s also being promoted via Facebook and Twitter, so this time customers might actually find it.

More interesting is the beverage company’s targeted demographic. While Pepsi’s Refresh campaign will give away thousands to help community activists reshape their neighborhoods, Coke will be giving away thousands in a blatant attempt to brand the next incarnation of the stadium wave. So do activists or fanatics drink more cola? Guess we’re gonna find out.

[Via Posterous, Image: / CC BY-SA 2.0 ]