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How Insistence Works

Hanh mitakuyapi.

  About a month ago, I had $700 come in all at once.  Mostly gifts, but who cares?  It came in.  Obviously, when living in dire poverty, bills need to be paid, or paid on, so I paid the pickup insurance, electricity, & phone.  Bought some food.  Still had enough money left that I had to make 'an executive decision' - save it to pay on next month's bills - in case no new money came in in time - or buy tools / invest in growing the business.

  If you are a business builder, you buy tools.  The best investment you can ever make is in yourself, so I bought a tool that is essential for the success of this effort.  And prayed hard-hard-hard for money to come in so next month's bills can be paid.

  Must have worked..  the tool works great & enough money came in to cover this month's bills.  Squeaky for timing, but it came in.

  That's how "insistence" works.  I 'insist' on building this.  I 'insist' on going forward, no matter how sticky the going.  And I am going to get 'there'.  This effort is now within $250 of being back in its markets; mainly for supplies.  Mitakuye oiasin / All (are) my relatives.