Boston Arcology Is a Climate Change-Ready Floating Mega-Structure

Boston Arcology

Sooner or later, cities around the world will have to deal with the threat of rising seas. So why would coastal cities spend cash on land-based developments when they can expand into the water? That’s the thinking behind the Boston Arcology, a conceptual floating city within a city that attempts to expand Boston into its harbor.

The BoA can fit 15,000 people into a sprawling mass of hotels, shops, offices, museums, condos, and apparently even a new city hall. Designer E. Kevin Schopfer imagines that the LEED-certified structure, built on a concrete platform, will have sky gardens placed in the main tower every 30 floors to promote a sense of “neighborhood presence”. The whole thing will be carbon neutral thanks to a series of wind turbines, fresh water recovery and storage systems, passive
glazing system, sky garden heating and cooling vents, gray water treatment centers,
solar arrays, and harbor based water turbines.

Schopfer’s design probably won’t ever come to fruition, but the designer estimates it would take approximately ten years to build. If Boston ever does decide to look into a major new building project, however, this is one to consider–anything that can stand up to climate change is a worthy investment.

[Via Inhabitat]AS