E-Cigs: Taste the Rainbow, CRAVE the Rainbow


Remember bubble gum cigarettes? We do too! So imagine our excitement when we learned that same great flavor had come back, this time in nicotine form! Web-based company Smoking Everywhere hawks e-cigarettes, a supposedly safer electronic cigarette that can even be used to help you quit, in fun flavors like bubble gum, strawberry, and peaches and cream.

Wait a second. You mean kids might like them, too? Hmmm…

Maybe that is why California Attorney General Jerry Brown filed suit against the company this week after it failed to create an age verification system to keep minors off its Web site. It is the second legal salvo against Smoking Everywhere. Oregon made the same move last year.

But smoking e-cigarettes are still so much safer, right? A tiny battery just vaporizes some nicotine-laced liquid for you to puff on. Turns out, those claims aren’t really substantiated because the FDA has never fully tested the products. A rudimentary FDA analysis last year discovered that one harmful ingredient you breathe in is anti-freeze.

Does that mean other e-cig retailers like Blu–available in Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, and Cherry Crush– will stop selling, too? Dunno. For some reason all the links are mysteriously down on their no-age-verification-needed Web site.

[Via SFgate, Image: / CC BY 2.0]BP