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Egg-spanding Architecture: dmvA's Unfolding Egg

dmvA egg

We've seen the chicken (and the duck), now here's the egg. Belgian studio dmvA designed an extension for the offices of hip furniture agency XfactorAgencies (they represent MDF Italia and Established & Sons in the Netherlands). Problem was, local building regulations kept getting in the way of the project. So dmvA did what any bad-ass architect would do and found a loophole.

dmvA egg

By designing the office as a mobile unit, they got around the building codes and creating a totally double-take-inducing piece of architecture in the vein of psychedelic blob-itects like Archigram and Ant Farm. If you're around, check it out in person next month when it moves to the Art Foundation Verbeke in Kemzeke, Belgium.

Just one question, would this be filed under shipping crate architecture?

dmvA egg

[Via WAN]