Dining-Room Hideaway: Ingrid Brandth’s Daily Shelter


Check out this hilarious (and brilliant) instant-fort idea by Norwegian designer Ingrid Brandth. Say goodbye to stacking couch cushions, hanging bed sheets, and scouring the neighborhood for refrigerator boxes–this innocent-looking kitchen table (quite pretty, in clean, blocky way) turns into a super-cool hideaway, complete with gabled roof. Just, you know, make sure to clear the dishes first…

Brandth is on to something–scary monsters (or pesky neighbors) can strike at any time. What other household items should be made bunker-ready? A refrigerator, to avoid being caught late-night snacking on roommates’ goodies. Or a desk, to sneak a quick nap at work. Oh wait, they have that.

Ingrid Brandth table

[Via inhabitots]WB