EA Sports Lets Gamers Decide Tiger’s Fate

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods marital indiscretions and poor driving record may have cost him endorsement deals with Accenture and General Motors, but there is at least one company out there willing to gamble that he’ll comeback: EA Sports. The video game producer has already committed to releasing Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online this month. Fittingly, future dealings now hinge on a MMORPG–that’s Massively Multiple Player Online Role-Playing Game for the non-geek set–of their own creation.

News has leaked that the company is sponsoring an online customer survey to figure out whether Woods public perception has been sullied among gamers. You know, those button-pushers already indoctrinated to view getting virtually laid and crashing cars as positive scenarios. It makes sense to let the increasingly interactive fan base pick their own role-models. That defuses some of the culpability if he winds up having to dig out of the rough again. If gamers have their say, maybe Woods will even get multiple continues to try again.

[Via CNet Image: / CC BY 2.0BP