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Kolelinia: Bike Lanes in the Sky


Biking is a great way to get around—until you get sideswiped by a car. Enter Kolelinia, a wacky-sounding urban transportation concept that proposes bike lanes on steel wires in the sky.


Believe it or not, the system could actually work. According to designer Martin Angelov, Kolelinia is inspired by ski lifts. The system has a half pipe where the bike's wheels run and a cable above the pipe that gives stability while biking over cars. The cable connects to the bike handle with a hook, and just in case you still feel unsafe, the hook has a hole for a carabiner and harness.

We see just a few problems: the rubbernecking effect caused by bikers flying above lanes of traffic, the potential for disaster if a biker does somehow fall down, and the issue of biker traffic jams on the wires. All of these problems make the cable system pretty implausible, but urban planners should take note of the creative approach to bike lanes.

[Via Archdaily]