Lucite Accessories, Harry Potter Theme Park, Fair-Trade Textiles to Be Big in Spring

Big, bold bling

Chunky accessories, many in Lucite, feature hugely in fashion houses’ spring 2010 lines. Often trendy since its 1931 invention, Lucite owes this revival to the economy. Even the snootiest brands are offering so-called fashion jewelry to appeal to the dollar-conscious. Explains Kwesi Blair of retail consultant Robert Burke Associates, “Most brands are starting to recognize that this is an opportunity to be unique, trendy, and brand-relevant.”

Fair-trade textiles

TransFair U.S.A., which certifies fair-trade goods in the U.S., is venturing beyond edibles for the first time with a pilot project for cotton bed linens, towels, and apparel. The cotton farmers as well as the factory workers will be paid a premium for their production. The first certified textiles are set to go on sale this spring.

Where’s Next

Universal studios’ new theme parks

Accio new parks! This spring, in a major season of expansion, Universal, the world’s third-biggest theme-park company, opens the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, in Orlando, and Universal Studios Singapore.