Six Cutting-Edge Totes We’d Be Proud to Carry to Work

Don’t shoot the messenger! That look may be a tad passé, but here are six new bags we’d be proud to carry to work.

Six Cutting-Edge Totes We’d Be Proud to Carry to Work
Photograph by Kang Kim Photograph by Kang Kim

Newspaper bag, 1,550 euros ($2,290)

This Belgian-made bag is lined with basane, a sheepskin leather traditionally used for bookbinding. In the spirit of that literary heritage, the straps are designed to hold your daily paper.


F76 Leo, 250 francs ($244)

The newest model from every hipster’s favorite Swiss bag maker uses those signature recycled tarps, but boasts an integrated laptop sleeve as well as extra pockets inside and out.

CorePack Fly messenger bag, $89.95

No more fumbling at the airport — a TSA — friendly laptop sleeve means you can leave your computer inside this bag. Extra style points for the pinstripes.

Jack Spade
Industrial canvas dipped coal bag, $225

The bottom of this canvas tote is hand-dipped in latex for reinforcement.


Swig backpack, $80

A backpack channeling a messenger bag, the Swig can be customized with your choice of fabrics and colors. Bonus: a built-in bottle opener.

Hard Graft
3Fold multi-use bag, 409 euros ($604)

Handmade of Italian leather, this versatile case does triple duty: It can be reconfigured as a laptop carrier, an overnight bag, or a portfolio.