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After nine months, the website for Round Table Companies ( is up and running! While we’re still pending another two months or so of building out the portfolio sections, it’s in good shape and ready to unveil to our clients.

Developing the website was an arduous process in the beginning that turned explosively fun as we finally started seeing the buildout. That’s something I always talk to clients about: in one way or another, achieving something exceptional takes time, energy, and a lot of patience. For this website, we needed to get across that we not only specialize in strategic thinking, writing and design, but we build entire systems around our clients’ brands. From school curriculums and nonprofit foundation setup to extensive marketing, advertising and public relations, we work to create and draw attention to dynamic brands for clients in a very wide range of industries. Pairing this message with the visual and interactive components we wanted was a daunting task.

We spent a lot of time creating the right logo, which we felt we couldn’t build the site without. Then, in order for our creative director Nathan Brown to stretch and do something different with the functionality, we hired outside assistance to help create the menu. We’re still putting finishing touches on arguably the most important part of the site: the separate portfolios. I’ve worked on the author and press portfolios, and Sue is working with Nathan to create the niche business portfolios. Finally, we’ll have three different blogs on the site: writing (creativity), marketing (business), and design. Already, Nathan’s design blog receives 60,000 page views each month, and he’s working aggressively to build that out even further. Our goal is to create a place that makes it easy for people to see the depth and quality of our work, with a creative, interactive website that inspires as much as it informs.

There’s still work to do, but I’m hopeful that the website will become more of a destination site, which people want to visit regularly. Ultimately, we want to make people aware that RTC is not just a business, it’s a support mechanism for our thought leaders and the clients they partner with: Corey Blake (Storytellers and Authors), Sue Publicover (All things Marketing),  Nathan Brown (Design and Illustration).

What are your thoughts on the website (