Using Google Earth to Recreate a $1,000,000 Masterpiece, for About $0

Florian Freier

Andreas Gursky is a giant of contemporary photography–his massive landscapes and architecture shots document a world overflowing with junk and commerce. Often over 10 feet on a side, they command prices in proportion to scale: His 99 Cent II is the most expensive single photograph ever sold, having fetched $3.3 million at auction in 2007. New, most of his prints command upwards of $600,000.

Florian Freier loves Gursky. He could never afford one. So he recreated one of the master’s most famous works, Bahrain I, which depicts a racetrack and looks like an abstract painting, using only Photoshop and Google Earth:

As Freier writes, “As many young photographers, I always dreamt about flying around the world, visiting spectacular spots and places, just like Superstar
Andreas Gursky does. So finally I decided to stop dreaming and just do
It … in Google Earth. So here is my personal remake of Andreas
Gursky’s megapicture.”


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