iDouchery: Jersey Shore-ified Accessories Turn Smartphones Dumb

Jersey Shore

Hey Jersey Shore fans: We got a “situation” here. Rocking that Ed Hardy shirt and fist pumping with an unadorned, ill equipped cell phone will not help you hook up on the boardwalk. Don’t worry, bro. There’s a brand new line of phone accessories to custom made for battling, creeping, hooking up or, like, whatevah.

First, Tingalin, a non-MTV-affiliated app company, has released a Jersey Shore-based app with a sweet twofer: Practice fist pumps on a Guitar Hero for low-brow guidos while downloading pick up lines.

Second, Ed Hardy will outfit the brovolution with its foray into geek bling called “icing”–iPod and phone face plates adorned with Swarovsky crystals and subtle names like “Beautiful Ghost” and “Love Kills Slowly”–that debuted at CES last week. Plus, there’s notbook skin and mousepads for your bigger units, so it’s all good, right? Rhinestones for your gadgets. Gadgets for your guidettes. Jon Gosselin just bought eight of each. So clutch.

[Via TechCrunch]BP