Best of TreeHugger: DIY Boat-Cars, Printable Lithium Batteries, and Cell Phones that Run on Coke

This inventive fellow increased the mpg of his car 15% just by adding boat parts to it.


These 22 maps are revolutionizing the way we see the world.

soda fountain fecal bacteria photo

A disturbing study found that 48% of fast food soda fountains contain coliform bacteria–a bacteria that typically grows in feces.

An innovative new cell phone runs on Coca-Cola.

Amtrak has a humorous ad campaign that caught the attention of Julie Allison.


Japanese researchers created a printable lithium battery.

Ever wonder why China and Europe invest way more in wind power than the US does?

What’s the deal with the carbon tariff on North Dakota?

The global carbon market grew to $136 billion last year–and expanded its reach by 68%.

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