U.K. Using “Thought-Control” Game to Treat ADHD in Kids

Play Attention

Okay, so it’s not really thought-controlled. Instead, the game in question, cleverly named Play Attention, uses EEG measurements taken from a snazzy looking helmet to determine whether the user is paying attention. When the kids’ attention is diverted, the game freezes.

Play Attention was devised is being distributed in the UK by a British nonprofit called Games for Life (not to be confused with the Atlanta-based non profit Games for Life). Today, psychology researchers at the University of Hertfordshire announced results from a small study that found kids with ADHD who had played the game showed better impulse control than those who had not. Now Games for Life is looking at rolling out the program in various schools throughout the U.K. Here’s hoping the game can hold kids’ attention long-term. (Or at least that a cooler looking helmet is invented.)

[Image courtesy of University of Hertferdshire]EW