CSR 2010 Resolutions and Predictions: Part III

After posting the resolutions and predictions of 24 leaders from business, philanthropy, and the social sector in CSR 2010 Parts I and II, I promised to post my own comments.

The Question: What is your resolution or prediction for corporate social responsibility (CSR) in 2010?

My prediction is that CSR policies will no longer be an afterthought to the overall corporate strategy. We will see a major trend with CSR becoming an integral part of the corporate plan that has the full attention of corporate boards of directors. Companies are getting it that their treatment of human rights, labor practices, the environment, and philanthropic and community engagement can either threaten or promote the companies’ civic and governmental relationships, influence consumers, and affect the bottom line. Nike, Western Union, Genzyme, and Goldman-Sachs are examples of companies where CSR is already on the board agenda.

My resolution is that in helping companies to establish high impact CSR programs, I will continue to focus on leadership development by training and placing corporate executives and professionals on regional and global nonprofit boards. Through effective nonprofit and NGO board service, businesses can help to transform the nation’s and the world’s nonprofit sector.

I believe that in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors we will see greater attention to board governance, with an increase in expectations and accountability from our leaders.AK