Online Buddy Comedy by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett Could Make You URL

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett are selling out— if you can call it that anymore. The duo just announced a partnership with Ben Silverman to form a digital production company to produce shorts and commercials. Their label, ironically called DumbDumb, looks doubly smart. They plan to take their quirky eye for chuckles and leverage it to make both traditional commercial spots “low-fi, lo-tech way” online shorts for companies. And their first distributor will be Yahoo.

Silverman’s own company, Electus, is parented by IAC, the same company that supports, so the duo will be able to test out their brainstorms in the same short Internet clip format. Bateman hopes the most popular might even eventually hit the big screen (think: SNL co-opting Tim Meadows in The Ladies Man, but successful).

You read that right. They’re doing shorts and commercials on the Web that they hope might become feature films … for Yahoo. Script: flipped.

As we reported earlier this year, this sort of power grab is becoming de rigueur for comedic actors/Web entrepreneurs like Ashton Kutcher–those looking to control their own destiny in the shifting marketplace. It’s especially attractive as launching a solo comedy site becomes a proven fail. We only hope Bateman’s instincts go more Arrested Development than Hancock.

[Via Gawker Via Reuters]

Image: / CC BY 2.0BP