Track Instant Karma

Ever wonder if doing some random act of kindness might inspire others to pay it forward? Now you can answer that question–and track the progress of the supposed ripple effect on a new action-oriented philanthropic Web site called Sure to capture search engine traffic with its sexy-punny moniker, the site launched in December through a partnership with the Wichita Eagle newspaper and the Greteman Group, a Wichita-based ad agency. (Yes, those do-gooders smack dab in the center of family values country.)

This is how it works: Print out a “Do the Deed” business card from the site and fill in a unique 3 to 8 digit code. Then, the next time you help change a flat or shovel a walkway, pass it on. The card will explain to the new holder the intent of the project and how to log the altruism. You can do it solo or as a group–just make sure everyone has the same ID number. In Wichita, even the Girl Scouts are trying it out. The commercial reverberation is obvious: free advertising for the PR firm, free image polish for partners and sponsors, and likely a free exclusive for the newspaper.

So does it work? Consider it a good deed that we have told you all this. As such, we have registered our own Fast Company deeds card (code: FastCard). If you actually use the concept to past cheer on, simply use that code and we’ll report back what happened in a few weeks. Take that, Kevin Spacey.

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