• 01.07.10

Not at CES: A Coffee Table/iPod Dock/Go-Go Dancer Cage

Woop-woop! Turn your living room into a sweaty, smokey club at the flick of a switch.

Moritz Waldemeyer

Recently, Wallpaper* sought to design a custom-concept for a “home disco.” Moritz Waldemeyer was their man, having helped design dresses studded with robotics, lasers, and LED’s for visionary fashion designer Hussein Chalayan. What he produced is maybe one of the wackiest iPod accessories we’ve ever seen.


By day, it’s a coffee table. By night, it has an iPod dock, speakers, a smoke machine, and a ring of lasers that transforms the surface into a cage for a go-go dancer:

Moritz Waldemeyer

Kanye! Can we get a finder’s fee for locating your new coffee table?

A bit more background: Waldemayer is something of a genius for high-design electronics–he’s been the technical wizard behind numerous beautiful projects for luminaries such as FredricksonStallard, Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, and Yves Behar.

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[Via WeHeart, which has more pics]

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