When Does Your Company Need to Re-Brand?

The necessity for re-branding usually arises when the status quo is disrupted—hopefully, in a good way. If your company’s core values, target customer base, and/or product and service range have changed, for example, it might be time to consider re-branding to more accurately represent what you’ve become.

At the Table, we realized our own need for re-branding: Our writing for clients was successful, and our clients were happy with the work. So happy, in fact, that they were requesting other services from us. Non-writing services. So we brought on additional support and built a design division, an intellectual property division, a public relations division and a marketing therapy division. But because of our name—Writers of the Round Table—new clients weren’t aware of the full breadth of our new capabilities. They trusted their relationship with us and didn’t want to go elsewhere, but they didn’t realize that we also excelled in these other areas until we let them know.

From a branding standpoint, that wasn’t efficient. Before they even speak to us, potential clients should know what we’re able to do for them. Without re-branding, how else would they know that Writers of the Round Table could help them apply for their 501(c)3, for example? Or help them develop a corporate identity program? Or design their album cover or movie poster?

As a solution, we created Round Table Companies, an umbrella company that encompasses all of our divisions, and helps people see us as a full-service partner. Our new tagline is “Creative Solutions for Businesses. Business Solutions for Creatives.” After a nine-month process, we also have a new website: Take a peek. I’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you’re considering a re-branding for your company, contact our director of business development, Erin Cohen at