Infographic of the Day: The Political Power of Infographics

Death Star

Today’s IGOTD isn’t a chart as usual, but a presentation about charts. Recently, Alex Lundry, the VP of research at TargetPoint Consulting, presented a five-minute talk at Ignite D.C. about the uses of infographics in politics. (The title slide is above.)

In short, they’re used to mislead as much as inform. But as volumes of psychological research has shown, visuals are really the only way to make a message stick in the public consciousness. Lundry then concludes with a short briefing on the ways that charts are used to mislead. (Familiar to anyone following the “rationale” being offered by global-warming skeptics.) Worth a gander, as the presentation is really a short intro to the rise of infographics and the role in future discourse:

As we’ve wondered before: Why don’t all politicians have a team of infographics designers working to convey their points in the simplest, most visual, and intuitive way possible? Is it so much to ask that the State of the Union come with a Powerpoint deck? (Hell, if Ross Perot could do it…) Should we really be communicating in the same way that George Washington did, when addressing the nation?

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