Your Invitation to join the Green and Ethical Marketing page on Facebook

I started this Facebook page last month, and was noticing today that I’ve posted more than 20 great links already.


I started this Facebook page last month, and was noticing today that I’ve posted more than 20 great links already.


I’ve been posting links almost every day, and all of them are open to your comments, reactions, and feedback. Just visit the page and see for yourself.

Waht follows is a list of some (not all) of those posts. You can follow the links and easily read the orignal on the Facebook page, and you can sign up with one click to get notified of future posts.

In Virginia, the governor thinks it’s OK for his Cabinet members to sit on corporate boards. I don’t think he has a clue.

On my blog recently (selected): How to Move Obama to the Left;
TSA Subpoenaed My Friend For Truth;
Stand Against Injustice!;
Poetry as Organizing Tool;
How Many Contacts Make a Sale?;
Olbermann on the healthcare travesty;
This is What Gives Marketing a Bad Name;
Dawn of Eco-Chic;
Green Press Initiative: 50% of US Market to Publishers w/ Enviro Commitments;
Are Kids Really More Prone to Lie than Previously

Wide-ranging interview with inventor Ray Kurzweil (music synth, OCR, much more–kind of a Buckminster Fuller for our time): how the brain works, ethics, solar power, and the idea of the coming singularity (among other things).


The sustainable and ethical Elm Street economy, as envisioned by Paul and Sarah Edwards

Spain, Portugal hit new highs for wind-generated power

 A Post-Copenhagen Map for Climate activism (oops, and I don’t know how to correct the typo in Climate)

Local Self-Reliance, The Global South, and Gandhi

Top 10 New Green Ideas to Watch in 2010


BBMG Study Finds ‘Green Trust Gap’

Promising-looking technology uses bacteria to turn garbage into harvestable energy

Fast Company’s 10 Brightest Green Projects of ’09 – some REALLY cool stuff here!

 When do a series of actions, each of them individually ethical, add up to an unethical corporate policy?

Green reuses for animal waste?


 Latest Wal-Mart sustainability initiative: Sam’s Club now marketing fair-trade coffee.

New bike wheel design ads regenerative braking, health sensors, pollution monitoring, more

Six Steps to the Greenest Meetings Possible

Fabulous talk on Constructive Capitalism, including many Green and ethical principles

3 Tips for changing the world–with a special message to meeting planners with Green themes to make the event itself as Green as possible.


 L.A. reviving/expanding its electric-car charging stations inhopes of attracting Green jobs

 Great example: For-profit and nonprofit team up to move Mexicans from incandecent to compact fluorescent

5 keys to CSR initiatives

Making paper from recycled materials results in 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution

Urban food self-sufficiency project in White Plains, NY: Hydroponic rooftop gardens and rooftop solar–I’ve advocated something similar for ~30 years.


Twitter as environmental charity platform

On my blog recently: Ben Franklin’s sometimes-questionable ethics; why Obama hits the mark in international communication but misses on organizing for his domestic agenda; Sarah Palin’s racist name-calling; Interlocking directorates may influence media coverage of health care