Best of TreeHugger: The Year in Green Modern Homes, CIA Spy Satellites Hone in on Arctic Ice, and China’s Latest Renewable Surge

China’s new renewable energy laws should be a wake up call for the United States to embrace some fresh ideas in the clean energy sector.


The US has begun using CIA spy satellites to study the arctic ice melt in detail never seen before.

Our resident architect and design writer looks at the year in green modern homes.

The surge of wind power projects in the US has had a welcome, unforeseen effect: out-of-work rock climbers are getting green jobs as repairmen and technicians on giant turbines.

see through fish japan photo

Strange creations abound in Japan: first, a popular sake maker has pledged to make his bottles out of sustainable . . . squid skins. Then, researchers announced they’d successfully created see-through goldfish to spare its bretheren death by dissection in Japan’s classrooms.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ross Gelbspan is still fighting to expose the disinformation campaigns waged against climate science by coal and oil companies to protect their interests.

France’s closely watched carbon tax was struck down by a high court.

Deforestation uncovered some strange ancient geoglyphs in the Amazon.

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