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Fast Company Is Hiring a West Coast Editor - Here's How to Apply

Most readers think that Fast Company is based in Silicon Valley, but home base is downtown New York City. Still, a GPS readout of the stories we cover will lead you to Northern California more often than not—which is why I'm looking for a west coast editor to join Fast Company online.

Fast Company is developing and breaking more stories than ever before. The west coast editor will help to hire and manage reporters and bloggers, as well as attend and report on events held at Google, Facebook, and perhaps even within the awesome reality distortion field of 1 Infinite Loop. A technology background is important, but the right candidate will have the ability to cover the diversity of news that makes up Fast Company, from design to corporate social responsibility.

A passion for the pace and intensity of running a daily Web site, and a feel for the obsessions of the Web audience, is essential. Print reporters and editors should not rule themselves out, this could be a chance to break with the old ways. Compensation is competitive, and the candidates will be even more so. Email noah (at) fastcompany (dot) com for details, include details about your work history and the subject line 'West Coast Editor.'