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How to Build a $10,000 Chandelier for $120

Designer Lindsey Adelman offers a detailed blueprint for recreating her signature pieces.

How to Build a $10,000 Chandelier for $120


Lindsey Adelman's stunning chandeliers are well out of reach for almost everyone—made to order of hand-blown glass and custom-forged hardware, they run upwards of $10,000 (one's pictured above). But unlike most bespoke designers, she's not content only making housewares for the rich: For anyone with a bit of time, she's posted a DIY guide to recreating her aesthetic for just $120.

The results are stunningly polished—we're not talking about a wobbly simulcrum you'd find at Ikea:


The downloadable instructions take you through the entire process, from where to source all of the dozens of pieces of hardware to how to wire it once you've got everything on hand.


Amazing stuff. One blogger has already followed the instructions, and she estimates the cost at $120—and the results are beautiful.

Now if only more designers were as giving with their talent.

[Via Better Living Through Design]