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Let's Use Social Media to Organize Against Injustice!

Social media is a fabulous tool to organzie against injustice—just ask some of the big grassroots online gorups like Credo and MoveOn. And one of the things I like best is that ordinary people with no special credentials or following can start a movement and have it go viral. Here are two that crossed my desk this week, and I joined both of them:

1. Have you heard about the barbaric, fascistic anti-homosexuality law in Uganda? Yes, they're calling for the death penalty for consensual sex.  <a href="">Read CNN's article</a>. <a href="">Here's the group to oppose it, please join</a>.

2. Especially if you're in Western Mass, but even if you're not: a <a href="">Facebook support group has sprung up for the Northampton, Massachusetts victims of arson</a>. My old neighborhood in Northampton got hit with dozens of fires in a one-hour period Sunday night. Two people died, and two families including some friends of ours were left homeless. Several lost their cars or sustained severe damage.

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