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As we close up 2009, I want to offer a post expressing my appreciation for all the people who support what we, as a company do.

As we close up 2009, I want to offer a post expressing my appreciation for all the people who support what we, as a company do.


First, our clients. Because our clients are trailblazers, they have to trust in our guidance and expertise.  We utilize a “no cookie-cutter” approach to brand building, which means that we customize every program to suit our client’s needs. Within those tactics there are great successes and difficult lessons to learn. You each honor us with your trust as we carve out new niches that blend creativity, storytelling and business. To those of you who have referred others to us, I thank you for recognizing the value of our brand and our standards, enough to put your own name on the line.  We recognize that referrals are to be treasured and we hope you know how much it means to us when you recommend our business.  

To our freelancers. You have hung in there through a tough economy that finally caught up to us in November. We have learned some tough lessons, but are regrouping now to replace some business that we have determined is no longer the correct fit for our company.  We understand that presents hardship to many of you and loss of regular income. We hope you will remain positive as we have, and trust that in the long run, this is an exceptional move for all.

To our staff. I want to give a special thank you to Sue Publicover, who has done an exceptional job expanding the capabilities of our business marketing division. Sue does what I could never do; she lights up with fire over industries like healthcare, technology, and real estate and construction. Her passion for those fields is an immense asset and one that will allow us to expand our client outreach in 2010.

Thank you also to our project manager, Erin Cohen. She has been dynamic in helping Sue create a streamlined process that can deliver exceptional work to our clients quickly. So often with writing and design firms, quality and speed battle one another with a clear victor. Together, Erin and Sue have created a fluid system that delivers top notch product at lightning speeds and that capability allows us to handle larger volumes of work without quality suffering.  Bravo!

Thank you to Nathan Brown for working to make the design side of the company into something that is exciting for him—that willingness has led us into the wonderful world of comic books and illustration, movie poster design, album covers, and other creative based industries. Nathan has also done extensive work on re-branding our company so that our clients understand the full breadth of services we offer ( – it’s still growing, so check back frequently!). Make sure you check out Nathan’s design blog at

Here’s to wishing everyone around The Table a happy and healthy holiday.  We’ll see you in the new year!

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