Almost Genius: A Wall-Socket With Built-In Extension Cord

rambler socket


Design concepts. So tasty and fine! Nothing like a good, crispy piece of render porn showing a brilliant product that somehow isn’t on the market.

For example: Meysam Movahedi’s recoling “Rambler” electrical socket. Instead of fumbling with extension cords, it’s got them built in, which is genius. Except for the fact that…oh, never mind.

Clever as Movahedi’s concept is, I’d wager it has about a 0.000% change of ever being installed. Like most design concepts, it’s basically like a shady used car: Looks fine. But kick the tires, and the damn thing is liable to lose a fender.

For one, consider how many parts would be involved in the product. A spindle. Springs for the retractor. And most of these moving parts would have to be behind the socket face.

What if they break? You need to be able to fix them, so the socket face has to come off. Which
means there has to be another, special face inside, to tuck the wiring away from fingers and prevent a fire hazard. Now you’re talking something that would probably cost upwards of $100. And don’t even get me started on the certifications that electrical devices have to go through to clear safety regulations.

Seriously, who would buy a $100 electrical socket that needs you to hire an electrician at $250 an hour?

Granted, you could market this for new-home builds. But how many people do you think are eager for premium electrical sockets, when an extension cord costs $4, and an outlet costs $2?

Verdict: Genius. Almost. But not quite.