Growth vs. Impact: Part 2



It’s not that growth is unimportant or that it isn’t a useful
metric – it can create jobs, wealth, and career development opportunities –
it’s just that it’s an incomplete metric. 
Growth of what.  Growth toward
what end

A growing number of companies, investors, and consumers are
interested in measuring something in addition to growth.  Impact
is the new growth.  People want to
know the social and environmental impact of the companies they buy from, invest
in, and work for. 

As consumers lose trust
in business
, it’s never been more important to demonstrate that your
company is creating benefit for society as well as for your shareholders.  Just like business magazines keep score of
our fastest growing companies, we need to keep score of our highest impact

The impact
rating system
used to certify B
(companies certified to create benefit for society as well as
shareholders) is also being used by more than 1,000 companies to benchmark
their impact on their employees, community, and the environment.  It’s being used by private equity investors and
banks seeking high-impact investments. 
It’s free, confidential, and available online to any company even if
they think B Corps are the dumbest idea they’ve ever heard of. 

So go ahead, measure your growth, but measure your impact
too.  It’s
free, takes about an hour, and won’t hurt a bit.