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Here at, we love us some Diggs. The hotness aggregator is often a Web site's best friend. And we've certainly covered Digg from a business/innovation angle. Mostly, though, we've found ourselves in great company with irresistible bits of Net junk. For those of you who filter your daily decisions about online reading through the site, here are the most Dugg stories of 2009. Feel free to, you know, Digg these.

  1. Seven (More) Reasons to Ditch Your iPhone (and AT&T) | 2,565 Diggs | August
  2. Obama Promises Science-Centric, Eco-Friendly Presidency | 1,709 Diggs | January
  3. Does the White House Have Wi-Fi? | 1,445 Diggs | January
  4. How Do We Fix Crappy U.S. Broadband? | 1,183 Diggs | February
  5. Fox's Twitter TV Experiment Tweets Its Way to Epic Failure | 846 Diggs | September
  6. Is Hulu Watched More Than Time Warner Cable? | 793 Diggs | August
  7. 7 Anti-Social Facebook Apps | 740 Diggs | January
  8. What's It Like to Be a Girl in Tech? | 681 Diggs | January
  9. The 6 Tech Marvels We Had Better See In 2009 | 680 Diggs | January
  10. Spin on the Bottle: Water Packaging Gets Creative | 629 Diggs | March