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Only 16% of internet users click on internet brand advertising. And that number is continually shrinking. Why? For the same reason TiVo is popular, people are blocking brand advertising from their media.

Consumers are moving in a different direction — away from traditional brand advertising. Now, it’s about collaborative advertising, where consumers and brand interact in a meaningful way. "People don’t want to spend time learning [i.e. traditional brand advertising], they want to spend time doing," writes Jakob Nielson.

This is not to say banner advertising is dead. In fact, Electronic Arts is blending banner with interactive brand advertising to create their new Need for Speed: Shift campaign — effectively turning a traditionally disruptive medium into a platform to engage users.

The legendary and innovative game developer — that brought you Madden and Medal of Honor — has launched an interactive banner advertisement that allows users to race with others viewing the ad. The ad campaign came from the creative workshop of Amsterdam-based NRG3. The banner ad has been placed on automotive sites, such as AutoWeek, in the Netherlands.

Beyond an interactive game, EA throws in some prizes for good measure. The player with the highest racing stats can win a custom racing chair with Need For Speed: Shift and Coca-Cola Zero mini fridge. Number two can win an Xbox 360 Elite with Need For Speed: Shift and some...

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