Nexus One Spills Its Guts: It’s Fast, but Only if You Have an Invitation?

nexus one

Engadget secured themselves a neat exclusive for Christmas: The full run-down on the specifications of the Googlephone, a.k.a. the Nexus One. It confirms a few rumored details, and reveals the phone is fast. If a bit chunky.

According to Engadget’s tipster inside Google, the phone may be on sale from January 5…but there’s a twist: It could be an invite-only launch, with a store-based “proper” launch on T-Mobile later. That odd choice echoes Google’s stance on releasing new technology to the World, all the while spinning up the hype PR machine. But since details are sparse we’ll wait to pass judgment until we learn more.

Where the data isn’t sparse is on the device’s internals. The leak includes a fully detailed list of the phone’s spec and hardware components, and it’s impressive (even if some data is labeled as “to come”). The rumors of a 1GHz processor look to be right, with a Qualcomm QSD8250 CPU in there. The screen is a 3.7-inch OLED unit, as expected. There’s also the dual-mic noise canceling system, and LED-flash 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with digital zoom, and a “teflon-coated” back cover, presumably to act as a scratch-resistant surface. “Haptic feedback” is a new specification though (and a battery-hogging one), as is the inclusion of a 7.2 Mbps 3G system.

From a pocket-friendly point of view, the Nexus is almost exactly the same volume as an iPhone. It’s a solid 11.5mm deep, and 119mm tall by 60mm wide, versus the iPhone’s 12 by 116 by 62mm.

The techno-curious among you can pour through the full specs in the images below:

[Via Engadget]