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EIM did a large research (650 companies) into the effects of smart working in the Dutch SME market.

Companies who invested in smart working have on average:

-       16% higher growth in results

-       9% higher growth in productivity

-       8% higher growth in revenue

-       5% higher growth in employment


They define smart working as innovation, which is targeted, at organizations and employees.


Using the potential of your employees

-       How do you use their strengths?

-       How do you effectively use their knowledge?

-       How do you involve them in the growth of your organization?

-       Which employment conditions are best suited?


Having efficient processes in place

-       How to streamline your processes?

-       How do you effectively assign the work to de done?

-       What are suited workplaces and working hours?

-       Which management style is best suited?


Smart working encompasses new management styles, new ways of organizing and HRM. Examples are self managed teams, flexible working hours and contracts and dynamic management as well as talent development.


80% of the entrepreneurs expect on the long term that the benefits of smart working will by far outweigh its costs.


Smart working has the best results when combined with technological innovations. The growth in productivity is 12% higher than with companies who only implement technological innovations!


So, it is always a ProPer (Professional as well as Personal) approach, which yields the best results!


Are you smart in applying technological innovations?