• 12.22.09

Typographic Riddle Winner and Next Week’s Prize: Canon EOS 7D!

Congratulations to our Typographic Riddles sweepstakes winner and soon to be owner of a nook e-book reader: Max Pfeifer. Learn a bit more about Max, and our next sweepstakes.

Max Pfeifer

Here’s a bit more about Max: My name is Max Pfeifer. I am an artist, designer, and editor; as well as an amateur barber and soccer coach. I work as a graphic artist from a home office in northeast Ohio, servicing local and nationwide clients. Please visit my Web site at to learn more about me and my company.


When I’m not working I enjoy reading and solving puzzles. I also get a kick out of coaching soccer and baseball, while spending lots of time with my three great kids.

The next sweepstakes starts tomorrow, it’s a test of your brand recognition skills. And the prize is our biggest yet: A Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera.

Here are the answers to last week’s Typographic Riddles:

  1. Out of the Question
  2. Blood is thicker than water
  3. Cross-Eyed
  4. Beat around the bush
  5. All hands on deck
  6. Safety in numbers
  7. More often than not
  8. On Thin Ice

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