Great Customer Service: How Does Witopia Do It?

In a world where we mostly complain about service, Witopia, my VPN provider has risen to the challenge of providing world-class support.

I first heard about on a microforum, where it was recommended to me as an anonymous proxy. I signed up over a year ago and have been pleased with their service. Over the year, the software was improved a few times and recently, they even have provided a free license for the Mac OS X VPN client Viscosity.


I’ve needed to contact support a total of four times, once during installation and a few times since. In each case, I have received assistance via email within a few minutes of the ticket being entered. Sure, this could be because they are not as big as say, Ebay, the yardstick for horrible support. The thing is, most companies, whether large or small, seem to scale their support budget with the mission “just enough, no more”.

There is a trend too to use interfaces like Get Satisfaction for support. Once I pay for a service I expect to get private support when needed and tickets are really the only way this can work properly. Making the customer jump through hoops like Get Satisfaction won’t get any kudos from me. It puts all support issues at the same level and the form is too casual. Most responses to issues on GS are basically “oh, we’re looking into that” or “we don’t plan that for the immediate future”. Feature requests are mixed with actual support issues. Talkshoe is another company that has gone to GS for support. While Talkshoe is not a paid service, hosts who use it are in the front lines, furnishing the content that Talkshoe uses to get revenue (if indeed they are able to monetize). Going to GS, joining or logghing in to say “Talkshoe is down” is very unprofessional and ineffective.

If I were in the service business, I’d get Witopia just to study how good their tech support really is and try to equal it. I would also make sure that anyone associated with a support effort attempt to get satisfaction (pun intended) from Ebay, Paypal and other like Orange. Study the worst to be the best.


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