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Intel Gets Sued, City Center Opens, I.D. Closes, and Many More Stories This Week on

Grand openings (hello CityCenter!) and unfortunate closings (rest in peace I.D.) circled the last non-Holiday week of 2009. Need a gift? Act fast (you have until midnight) and you could win a Nook e-reader on us!

intel The tech world was abuzz Wednesday when news broke that the FTC was suing behemoth Intel for "running roughshod over the principles of fair play." Intel responded: They just don't get us! And when prototypes of the upcoming Google Phone (Nexus One?) leaked, we wondered if it would be too expensive to be worth it.

The world said hello to the massive City Center development (67 acres!? 2.7 million square feet of glass!? 78,000 tons of structural steel!?) in Las Vegas and our own Alissa Walker was on the scene, hanging out with the architects and checking out the spectacle.

CityCenter art We were quite saddened by the closure of 55-year-old I.D. Magazine, causing us to wonder who, exactly, killed the iconic rag? And there was more sad news as Roy E. Disney, the 79-year-old nephew of Walt, passed away.

More and more of our lives are online, so why not ditch the resume and design a chart instead? Oh, and don't forget that Facebook changed it's privacy settings—we have the how-to guide to protecting your e-self.

As 2010 approaches, we looked back at the biggest kitchen innovations of the decade and the top YouTube and Twitter trends of '09, and looked forward at IBM's ideas of the five innovations that will take off in the next five years (think smart grids and smart water).

Rob Tannen ID Gift guides abound, we looked at the best gifts for germaphobes in a Swine Flu-filled holiday season, as well as one-of-kind gifts for the design obsessed and the best business books of 2009.

We told Britney Spears to move over with a look into the fragrance industry, we learned teens got lots of sexts but didn't send nearly as many (they said), and we saw artist Jon Rafman turned Google Street View into art. Abroad, France decided that Google Books does, in fact, violate copyright laws, and we looked at some amazing photos from the COP15 climate summit in Copenhagen.

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