Have You BAM’ed Your Company?

With the exception of companies like Zappos, the term “good customer service” is almost a laughable oxymoron these days. Companies continue to get it wrong over and over and over.  Even in an era of self-service (here’s to never having to answer the “paper or plastic question again), there seems to be something missing. (Ya think?)

Well, there’s an app for that…ok, maybe not an app, but a book. It’s written by one of my favorite business folks, Barry Moltz, and it’s called BAM! Bust A Myth: Delivering Customer Service in a Self-Service World.

The book has just come out, but I got myself on Barry’s calendar quickly because I wanted to talk with him about how he thinks social media has affected customer service, why he thinks customers should have customer service manifestos and how companies can actually give him the service he requires so no one gets hurt!

Lend me your ear for 18:14, here. (Note: There’s slight interference with Barry’s VoIP – it’s not bad though.)

P.S. For tips on how to BAM your company, see Chapter 8.LLW