eGrandPrix Launches Electric Vehicle Race


What better way to attract mainstream interest to electric cars than with a good old fashioned race? EMXGP, a new auto series spun off from the TTXGP electric motorcycle grand prix race, will launch in June with a race through Paris.

EMXGP hasn’t revealed too many details, but we do know that the race will take place on regular streets along the Seine river in the Parisian borough of Levallois. The 1.8 mile track will border the Neuilly area, and a local bus depot will be converted into a pit garage. EMXGP expects over 100,000 at the free event, which may also feature an electric go-kart track for onlookers who want to get involved in the action.

TTXGP plans to run an electric motorcycle race in Levallois at the same time. No word on what that might look like, but last summer’s TTXGP race on the Isle of Man featured an array of souped-up electric bikes, with the winner (Team Agni) averaging 87 mph.

The EMXGP series probably won’t spell the end of NASCAR anytime soon, but at the very least it will remind the public that EVs can be just as sexy as their gasoline-powered counterparts. Want to keep up with news on the EMXGP race? Check out the Web site here.

[Via Autobloggreen]AS