Meet the Winner of Our Sonos Sweepstakes, and Find Out About the Next Challenge

More than 900 people spotted the minute differences in a series of slideshow images we posted to the site last week (man, slide number 5 was tough–the complete list of answers is below). The randomly chosen winner of the Sonos Wireless Sound System is… Dayna Orione-Kim, a jewelry maker whose work can be found in several books including The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry–and if you find yourself in Rochester, NY, you can see Dayna’s work for yourself at the funky-cool Craft Company No. 6.

The typographic riddles and conundrums challenge has already been answered by over 500 people–did we make it too easy this time? No matter, because the Nook e-reader is still up-for-grabs until midnight tomorrow.

And stayed tuned next week because we have one more late holiday present for you: The chance to win a digital DSLR camera with all the trappings. Keep your eyes peeled — because this challenge will require it.

Here are the answers to the Spot the Difference challenge from last week:

1. The glasses next to the radio are missing in the right photo.
2. Red and White centers on the white numbers are switched
3. There is an extra tent in front of the building in the photo on the right.
4. There are 3 tennis courts in the bottom photo as opposed to 2 on the top (one is orange).
5.  Extra light on photo to the right. Left façade of the building, 3 columns back bottom window.
6. The digital screen on the top photo shows 14 and 19 in the other
7. There is an extra dome/tower in the left photo on the right side.
8. The bar code in the right photo is different. (We changed with one of the highly designed Japanese Barcodes)