• 12.17.09

Infographic of the Day: The NFL All-Criminal 1st Team

The assorted crimes and professional accomplishments of players still on the field.

NFL Criminals

The NFL playoffs are almost here! The New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts might both go undefeated and meet in the Super Bowl! Also: There are criminals all over the field! Still!


To that point, Infojocks created these fantastic infographics detailing the “All-Criminal 1st Team” for offense and defense. Unlike previous attempts to make such lists, this one includes only players from recent years–and it shows both their crimes and professional awards. Many of them are still playing now. And if actually assembled these teams, they’d be pretty good–particularly the defense.

NFL Criminals

[Infojocks via SimpleComplexity]

Editor’s Note: After we posted this piece, news broke that Chris Henry had died in what looked initially like an accident–circumstances are still being investigated. As sad as it is that Henry lost his life way too soon, none of the facts behind this piece have changed. And it’s notable that no one rushed to point out how Henry had reformed his life until after he lost it. The timing is unfortunate, we admit. But we don’t do knee-jerk reactions here, and it seemed odd to pull this
down, to try to pretend we never posted it. You’re all smarter than
that. -TG

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