What’s the Best-designed Web Site of 2009?

Favorite Web sites


For the tenth year running, the Favorite Web site Awards are up, and public voting has started. It remains perhaps the best source of inspiring interactive work on the Web–but it’s a daunting pile of entries, comprising 378 Web sites.

Luckily, Creative Review has painstakingly culled them into their 12 favorites, by month (since the FWA competition is organized according to month). A couple will be familiar to readers of this blog–namely, GE’s wonderful site explaining the smart grid; and We Choose the Moon, which retold the Apollo 11 launch in real time.

A couple more from CR’s list also caught our eye.

First up, HBO’s Imagine site, which lets you creep around rooms inside a virtual space and construct your own narrative by piecing together the short films scattered throughout:


Wonderwall, an interior design featured previously on, relaunched its site with a brilliant panel of navigation tiles that look like they’re fluttering in the wind:


And ad-agency BooneOakley went retrotech with a Web site designed entirely inside of Youtube:


For more amazing work, be sure to start with Creative Review’s 12 Best list, and then make your way into the jungles of the FWA site.

Meanwhile, if you’re anxious for words, rather than images, then check out Bygone Bureau’s excellent list of the Best New Blogs of 2009.