City Center Las Vegas: Too Big NOT to Fail?


With a 67-acre footprint, the brand new City Center in Las Vegas is among the largest LEED certified projects built to date. Two questions being asked: will MGM Mirage and others (including Dubia World) footing the 8.5 billion price tag make their money back, and can huge projects which use more resources than necessary be considered green?

City Center uses local and sustainable building materials, maximizes water usage and energy savings – but the place is huge! If you are building green shouldn’t you, theoretically, build only as much as you need?

Which leads to a more directly financial issue: With 6,000 new rooms opening up, other Las Vegas resorts are concerned about the downward pressure this glut of sleeping space will put-at least in the short term-on room rates throughout the city.

I’m not a gambler, but I’m actually pulling for City Center. I’m all for grand experiments, and LEED certification is nothing to sniff at. Definitely a step in the right direction. Time will tell as to what kind of payoff MGM Mirage et al. can expect from their investment.

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